Good Morning Mix: Classixx ‘Recovery Mix’Classi Recovery Mi

Good Morning Mix: Classixx ‘Recovery Mix’

Sirius XM Chill is a downtempo electronic music station that posts polls like “Vote On Your Favorite ‘Chillworthy’ Song” on its website, so who better to tap for a guest mix than the always “chillworthy” Classixx? The LA-based duo pieced together almost two hours worth of soothing jams for their New Year’s contribution to the station’s Recover Mix feature. They bounce around from Kraftwerk to Depeche Mode to Xinobi to Phil Collins, hitting all kinds of healing sounds over the course of nearly thirty songs. If you’re still not quite recovered from the weekend or just looking to mentally prepare for the weekend ahead, make sure that Classixx’s Recovery Mix is the first thing to hit your ears this morning.


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