Good Morning Mix: Enter the mind of Dixon with ‘in our wilderness’Dion

Good Morning Mix: Enter the mind of Dixon with ‘in our wilderness’

There are certain artists you admire for their technical prowess — Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer come to mind — and then there are others you admire for the sheer beautify of their vision. Dixon is one of those of the latter classification. Time and time again, he proves he is no ordinary musician, but an inspired soul, searching for something deeper in his connection with electronic music.

The Innervisions phenomenon is known for sporadically dropping lines of poetry, and in a way, his mixes can be perceived as similar bursts of inspiration. His latest creation is “in our wilderness,’ an hour-long composition of dream-riddled tunes and imaginative selections. From Thom Yorke to Roman Flügel, it’s got a little bit of everything. With someone like Dixon, however, it’s less about the tracklist and more about the overall narrative. In this case, the mix reads like a Neil Gaiman novel — haunting, evocative, and consumed in fantasy.

Dixon’s corresponding poem:

in our wilderness,
where hearts condemn us;
the world alternates.
we dance alone.

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