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Google conducts ‘Have you heard of EDM?’ study

It could be argued that Eventbrite helped pave the way for studies on dance music culture when it conducted an ‘EDM Audience Analysis‘ in March 2014. The main takeaway from Eventbrite’s study was that dance music social media users are far more vocal on their pages compared to their general music counterparts, thus driving the genre’s unprecedented success.

Now, Google tries its hand at what is essentially an ‘EDM for Dummies’ — a brief study that breaks down dance music to its core, even defining the term “EDM” for those who are uninformed. Using Google and YouTube’s internal data between January and July of 2014, the study depicts the staggering increase in subscriptions to EDM channels: 60% on smartphones, 77% on TVs and 175% on gaming devices. Additionally, YouTube racked up an impressive 2.3 billion views and 8.4 million likes on the official videos of nine dance-influenced tracks listed in Billboard’s Hot 100 for 2014. Some of these include “Turn Down for What,” “Wake Me Up,” “Latch” and “Animals.”

Aside from resonating Eventbrite’s point that electronic music listeners are more likely to be tech-savvy and to engage in social media, Google’s study does return with one fascinating insight: not all EDM fans are teenagers and young adults. While those under 25 tend to view the most dance-related content on YouTube, interest in the genre among individuals between 35 and 49 skyrocketed 80% from January to July in 2014. Furthermore, the older millennial age bracket consisting of 25 to 34-year-olds saw the largest growth compared to all other audience segments.

See the full study here.

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