Hans Zimmer composes ‘Tomorrowland Hymn’ to honor festival’s birthdayHans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer composes ‘Tomorrowland Hymn’ to honor festival’s birthday

From its humble roots in the clubs of Europe and America to growing to a multi-billion dollar industry, dance music has attracted some of the world’s most talented and versatile individuals. Belgian festival Tomorrowland has been a staple in the explosion of dance music as one of the most sought out festivals in the world. The once-in-a-lifetime experience- brings together people from 214 countries over three days with the world’s best DJ/producers providing the soundtrack. Recently, the festival’s owners brought onboard legendary composer Hans Zimmer to craft a composition titled “Tomorrowland Hymn” to celebrate 10 years of the festival.

Zimmer sat down in the same studio where he composed scores for movies like Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Dark Knight to produce “Tomorrowland Hymn.” The end product is simply beautiful. Hans Zimmer transports listeners to the mystical festival grounds in Boom, Belgium, with symphonic strings that evoke mystical imagery and colorful dreams. Ultimately, the composition marks another huge milestone for dance music. The scene has attracted the attention of another power player in the entertainment industry, exposing the genre to a new world of future possibilities.

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