Heatbeat – Berserker (Original Mix)Berserker

Heatbeat – Berserker (Original Mix)

When you listen to “Berserker,” the most recent track by Argentinian duo Heatbeat, it’s hard to believe they only just released their first studio album a few months ago. The logical thing to do is to blame it on a perfectionist’s attitude, because that’s the only explanation that can account for the meticulous attention to detail that clearly goes into the carefully crafted melodies and strategic structure of everything the outfit produces. More measured than some of their previous peak-hour tracks, “Berserker” is a steady yet electrifying big room tune that doesn’t give too much away. Rather than trying to wow listeners with suspenseful build-ups and dramatic drops, the song follows a powerful tempo and sticks to it from beginning to end, keeping the focus on their expert production and a simple, clean series of notes. The track is out now via Armada Captivating.

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