The Jack U EP is being finished this week, coming ‘sooner rather than later’Jacku Finals 67

The Jack U EP is being finished this week, coming ‘sooner rather than later’

Diplo and Skrillex. OWSLA and Mad Decent. It’s hard not to be excited.

After hopping off the decks on Friday at the Sundance Film Festival, Skrillex sat down with Billboard for a few sound bites regarding what’s coming up next for the superstar. The topic of conversation – and the one on everybody’s mind – jumped immediately to the plans for the Jack U EP, or “mini-album,” with production collaborator Diplo. Sonny goes on to reveal that they have completed around ten songs together, some older demos that were never finished but have been revisited, and some fresh projects crafted from the ground up for the collaborative release. However, not all of this material will be thrown at fans at once; Skrillex and Diplo plan to release a handful of tracks now, and keep a few tucked away for later use and release.

Back at the Nest, the OWSLA team is hard at work to launch a number of new projects. In the near future, you can expect new projects from Wiwek and Kill The Noise, among other OWSLA artists you’ve come to know and love.

Via: Billboard

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