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LBCK and Yacht Club win Galantis’ “Runaway (U&I)” remix contest

Back in October Galantis launched a contest enticing producers to remix their latest single “Runaway (U&I).” Since then over nine thousand artists downloaded the stems, 530 of which submitted remixes ranging from downtempo, to techno, to mainstage EDM. After careful deliberation, and a ton of coffee, Christian and Linus selected two of their favorite submissions as the co-winners of the remix contest.

First up is LBCK, two funk-inspired guys from the West Coast who take the original’s top line for a ride over waves of powerful strings and shifty disco mischief. The pair lay out an inescapable and undeniably fun groove on their rework, embracing the synthpop hooks in all their 8-bit, fleet-footed glory.

Then there’s Yacht Club,¬†an Ohio-based up-and-comer who’s work on “Runaway (U&I)” is a clear indicator of his bright future. His rework is slowed to a codeine-laced crawl, brightened up throughout with spattering percussion and future trap hallmarks. Shrill arpeggios and floaty triplets, buzzing saws, and strange melodies all merge into the most unique remix of the submission pool.

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