London clubs to force ravers to take breathalyzer testsDsc07527

London clubs to force ravers to take breathalyzer tests

Everybody has seen that one person at the club that shows up way too inebriated before the night has even started. It’s a problem that isn’t exclusive to dance music, but London’s Metropolitan Police are looking to make an example of the city’s club scene. With safety in mind and to keep the peace between inebriated clubgoers and security, a handful of London clubs will begin instating breathalyzer tests at the door for bouncers to reduce confrontations. The LMP have already tested the breathalyzer system at select locations and claim that people cooperate more when being denied due to a failed breathalyzer rather than relying on bouncers’ judgements.

This is not the first crackdown in London for clubs as Fabric was almost forced to shut its doors in December after too many drug-related incidents.

H/T: Mixmag

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