London Studio Spaces gains 24-hour licensing agreementLSS

London Studio Spaces gains 24-hour licensing agreement

Licensing laws have historically been the bane of London nightlife, but January has already secured a rare victory for the capital’s lifeblood. Having set in motion a string of successful events in 2014, Wapping’s London Studio Spaces has now secured a 24-hour licensing permit for a total of 40 events for the year ahead.

In a rare example of where local authorities and club promoters have struck harmony in the face of keeping the city’s club life alive, the likes of The Hyrda and Electric Minds will now be empowered to bring extensive programming to the three-room venue throughout the year. After the recent closure of East London’s Plastic People and a near-miss for Fabric Nightclub which ended in rigid security measures last year, the extension of Studio Spaces’ licensing agreement is a promising start for London club-goers at the outset of the New Year.

Source: Resident Advisor

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