Lupe Fiasco & Trey Songz – Out Of My Head (Kayliox ‘Future House’ Remix) [Free Download]Artworks 000103137277 Dpw32y T

Lupe Fiasco & Trey Songz – Out Of My Head (Kayliox ‘Future House’ Remix) [Free Download]

Even from the outside of the rap community, it was hard to ignore the overly-dramatic and picket-protest inducing battle between Lupe Fiasco and Atlantic Records over his third solo album Lasers. However, with a refix of the Trey Songz-featured cut off the album dating back a few years by future house newcomers Kayliox, the drama is forgotten in a wave of groove. Chopping and dropping the vocal of the track, the production immediately radiates the accentuated version of deep house that has become known as the sound belonging to the developing “future” genre. As two of Buygore Management’s newest signees, the duo show a large amount of promise going forward, raising the bar in a quickly emerging sound. “Out of my Head” combines the basic merits of the future house genre with the immense talents of Canadian-based Kayliox to result in a, simply put, addictive dose of bass.

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