Mark Johns – In Paris (Prod. Sable)Mark Johns

Mark Johns – In Paris (Prod. Sable)

Jump back to 2011: Jay-Z and Kanye West unleash their ground shaking track, “Ni**as in Paris,” and their already legendary status explodes even more. The original was received with immense support for its slick lyrics, hellish hip-hop breaks, and the notorious Will Ferrel snippet at the start. Aspiring singer, Mark Johns, has delved back into her music library to revive the smash with a modern facelift re-titled, “In Paris.” Allowing Sable to lay down the steamy beats, Mark Johns flaunts her sensuous vocals and creates a euphoric experience with Sable’s help. The instrumental behind her combines enrapturing bass pulses and heavenly synth trickles to send you into a deep slumber.

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