Markus Schulz kicks off city-inspired series with Miami-dedicated ‘Bayfront’Markus Schulz Biscayne Miami Final

Markus Schulz kicks off city-inspired series with Miami-dedicated ‘Bayfront’

Markus Schulz has integrated his life as a world-traveler into that of an electronic artist, releasing city-dedicated complication mixes each year since 2005. This year Schulz aims to capture the cultural concept, but reimagine its delivery. Up his sleeves for 2015 is a 12-part city series — 12 tracks, inspired by 12 destinations.

Markus breaks down his plan:

“I want to find the shows that I’m really excited about this year, make tracks especially for these shows and then play them live, record the crowd noise, put them all together at the end of the year and have this unifying voice in a compilation.”

Kicking off the series is “Bayfront,” the record fitting for Miami. Letting loose the first listen, “Bayfront” roots from Schulz’s personal connection with Club Space, from his former weekly residency to his present open to ringing in 2015 with an open-to-close marathon set. With the first of 12 underway, the releases will eventually make up his 2015 compilation, to be titled aptly World Tour.

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