More new Skrillex and Diplo music previewed through SnapchatJacku Finals 81

More new Skrillex and Diplo music previewed through Snapchat

Will Snapchat be the next big music previewing platform? If Skrillex has anything to say about it, the trend might explode in the coming months. Recently, the superstar producer took to Snapchat to preview two new tracks that are still under the hood, using ten-second clips of dim cell phone footage to send the internet into a rampant frenzy. Now, along with his Jack Ü counterpart Diplo, the pair have taken to Snapchat to tantalize fans just a little more with two juicy new snippets.

The first one finds Diplo playing cameraman and catches Sonny at a laptop. While Diplo hypes the brief scene, the audio that is heard is almost unquestionably Sonny’s voice. Perhaps a Jack Ü cut that features Skrillex on vocals may have just been confirmed. The second clip previewed features Diplo teasing a few seconds of what sounds like a dance hall-inspired tune from his laptop.

Manipulating hype better than anyone out there, dance music’s favorite bromance is dropping a few more goodies to drive fans crazy with.

Watch the first video here. 

Check the second video here. 

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