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Meet Norway’s next export: Jerry Folk

Norway is a breeding ground for talented dance music artists. Kygo, Cashmere Cat, Todd Terje, Lido, and more have spawned from the Scandinavian territory, and all have been at the forefront of their respective genres. At the forefront of the deep-disco scene, another Norwegian by the name of Jerry Folk has been swiftly on their coat tails with a sound of his own to standout from the pack.

At the tender age of 19 years old, Jerry Folk has taken on the remix duties for ZZ Ward, Chromeo, Suga Suga, and more. It’s hard to specifically pinpoint exactly what genre Jerry Folk’s music resides under. It’s a form of house that melds aspects from indie-alternative, disco, and deep house into an upbeat yet chilled out offering.

Dance music is undergoing a transformation at the current moment where genres that seemed experimental or underground at one point are now being mixed and matched with other popular genres by young producers in search of their niche sound in saturating markets. Jerry Folk’s niche is still being carved. Every production he has undertaken, he interswaps parts from deep house, disco, and other genres to give listeners a sense of familiarity whilst surprising their evolving tastes with a refreshing charm. Although disco may be pronounced dead, Jerry Folk reinvents our nostalgic love for the genre but with a contemporary face.

Already having played alongside Lindstrøm and Fehrplay along with accruing millions of plays on his remixes, Jerry Folk has caught the attention of the masses. It’s now time for him to have his break out moment, and he may be on the fast track. There has been a gap between indie-alternative space and dance music. Many people like the organic nature of indie tunes, but danceability of house, disco, and other electronically created genres is also attractive. Balancing low-key vibe and an infectious energy, Jerry Folk may be the key to finally bridging the gap. Disco and deep house fans should keep their ears close to the ground of Norway and keep watch for Jerry Folk’s sure rise into the spotlight in the coming months.