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Notize – Meadow Run (Original Mix) [Free Download]

With the rise of dance music, there seems to be an unspoken divide between the indie alternative and electronic music worlds as many indie fans believe that DJs do not play “real instruments.” Arcade Fire made a similar statement last year at Coachella, but with the ever-changing landscape of dance music, various artists have proven the claim wrong by infusing live instruments into their shows in unique ways. Other artists see the growing popularity of electronic music as an opportunity to blend genres and create novel combinations of sounds for fans. Now, a young Danish producer by the name of Notize introduces his indie-electronic flair with his latest single, “Meadow Run,” released via Next Wave Records.

Notize pulls from many sources of inspiration for “Meadow Run” as listeners can hear elements from alternative, indie dance, nu-disco, and deep house. With funk as his guiding light, the rising producer maintains a mellow vibe through the verse and chorus with his carefully chosen sounds. He layers room-filling synth chords, depth-defying bass hits, and cheery vocal cuts to make the late night last a little bit longer.

Free Download

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