Now you can charge your phone at a festival while you danceScreenshot 2015 01 27 18.04.27

Now you can charge your phone at a festival while you dance

Running out of power on your cell phone at a festival can quickly turn an awesome experience into a nightmare — especially after you miss your favorite sets and spend countless hours trying to reconnect with friends in the midst of madness.

Over the past few years, many events have introduced charging stations but there never seem to be enough stations for all the fans who need some more juice. Extra battery packs work, but even they run out of power after one use (and constant sharing with your less prepared cohorts).

The AMPY is the logical progression in staying charged while at a festival. The small battery back is an energy capturing device that can store up to 1000 mAh (the same charging power of an entry level Mophie) by using your kinetic energy to charge the lithium cell.

Whether you’re jumping your ass off at the main stage or shuffling around a side stage, you’re creating your own power to keep you charged throughout the day.

Check it AMPY out here.