Pink Feathers – The Feeling’s Gone (feat. SPEAK) (Eau Claire Remix) [Free Download]Pink Feathers The Feelings Gone Feat SPEAK Eau Claire Remi

Pink Feathers – The Feeling’s Gone (feat. SPEAK) (Eau Claire Remix) [Free Download]

When RAC hit 65,000 SoundCloud followers a year and a half ago, he celebrated by teaming up with Pink Feathers and SPEAK to cover Paul Simon’s “Under African Skies.” It was a stunning interpretation, and fans were left begging for further collaborations.

Then one month ago, Pink Feathers put out “The Feeling’s Gone,” a track produced by RAC and featuring additional lyrics by Troupe Gammage of SPEAK; today she released the Eau Claire remix of the track as a free download. Eau Claire adds a more determined beat to the song, effectively turning the poppy original into a club-ready jam without sacrificing its sparkling disco elements. It’s a breathtaking remix, and it feels like this is only the beginning for both Pink Feathers and Eau Claire.


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