Spor is back with official remix of The ProdigyFeed Me Jon Gooch

Spor is back with official remix of The Prodigy

Before there was Feed Me, there was Spor: Jon Gooch’s revered drum ‘n’ bass project. While in recent years the UK producer has turned his attention almost exclusively to his newer alias, the dance world has been clamoring for the return of Spor. A few months back, Gooch casually announced an official remix of The Prodigy on Twitter. With less than 160 characters, he managed to turn the dance world on its head with the news.

Today, Gooch has finally unveiled the coveted remix and we can safely safe the production lives up to the hype. While The Prodigy’s new single “Nasty” may have been met with ambivalent reviews, there’s no questioning the response Spor’s official remix will gather. Incorporating the shredding synths from the original, Jon ups the intensity tenfold with a vicious drum ‘n’ bass beat. He once again proves his sound design abilities are on a level of their own with plenty of insane bass patches and fills to push “Nasty” to new heights.

If the remix is a harbinger of his impending Spor album, then we can expect some violent, yet immaculately mixed drum ‘n’ bass to arrive on March 1st.

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