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Refune Music surprises with Swedish rap single, ‘För Evigt’

Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Music has released some of the hottest tracks in dance music over the past couple of years. From Alesso’s collaborative anthem alongside Ingrosso, “Calling (Lose My Mind),” to the Swede’s current chart-smashing single, “Heroes,” Refune has become symbol of excellence within the dance community. Recently, Ingrosso’s team signed “För Evigt” from Silvana Imaam featuring Marlene. While people would gamble that with the current landscape of music it would be a deep house track, the imprint has taken an entirely different direction: ‘För Evict’ is a Swedish rap song.

Bass-heavy pads, constant 808 rhythms, and sexy foreign verses mesh to make this track one of the most interesting releases on any dance music label. Although the lyrics will be incomprehensible to most listeners, the track is incredibly harmonious and gives the obscure genre some serious press with a release home like Refune. Sebastian Ingrosso has yet to publicly comment on the surprising single, but it is clear that the release will make the statement for him as his prized imprint branches out of the dance music bubble.

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