Skrillex and What So Not collaborating with TotoSkrille What So Not

Skrillex and What So Not collaborating with Toto

Yes, you read that right. Toto, the soft rock band of early ’80s “Africa” fame, has teamed up with Skrillex and What So Not, in what could very well be one of dance music’s biggest wildcard collaborations of the year. The band posted to Facebook to announce the joint effort, describing the forthcoming project as “VERY cool and fun and fresh.”

Sonny along with Chris and Harley have all been playing out Toto’s “Africa” in sets across the world last year, so although the match up may seem odd at first glance, it isn’t much of a head-scratcher considering Skrillex’s fearless approach and disregard for genre boundaries. As it goes, OWSLA‘s head honcho reached out to the band initially and now the creative minds have come together to fuse styles, inspirations, and generational tastes.

“We created something from a germ of an idea they had and it was a meeting of 2 generations.. NEVER would have thought it worked.. they called US and we went and ended up writing and recording a VERY cool piece.”

From A$AP Rocky to The Doors, Skrillex has aligned himself with yet another genre-blurring collaboration. Now it’s time to hold the line and wait for the first listen.

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