Splice takes plugin purchasing to the next levelSplice Plugins

Splice takes plugin purchasing to the next level

Cloud-based music collaboration platform Splice has taken a significant step forward in the music production realm by introducing one-click plugin purchasing. With their new plugin store update, the site has made it easier than ever to add new VSTs to your arsenal. It’s easy to overlook the value such a function entails. When you’re producing, however, eliminating all barriers to creativity is essential. Having the ability to instantly download a new plugin on the same platform that allows you to collaborate with fellow musicians is a logical step forward for the site.

The move is part of a larger ambition for Splice: to help foster the growing plugin market in a way that is beneficial to both consumers and developers. Along those lines, the platform has also announced a new “plugin SDK,” which, according their press release, “will soon allow for new models of plugin distribution like subscription & rental.” With VSTs ranging anywhere from $50 to $500, a subscription model could prove an effective system to curb piracy and promote the plugin market.

Lastly, Splice has unveiled a comprehensive list of free plugins, also available for download via the platform’s new one-click functionality. What separates the list from similar catalogs is the user data behind it. With Splice’s bustling community in mind, the plugins’ popularity rankings are supported by real usage metrics as opposed to estimations.

Overall, Splice has introduced a host of exciting developments for both their collaborative platform and the plugin market at large. Check them out here.

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