Tale of Us bring 16 unreleased tracks to the Essential MixTale Of Us Press

Tale of Us bring 16 unreleased tracks to the Essential Mix

The Essential Mix is one of those rare opportunities to present your artistic identity to a global audience. The hallowed two-hour platform has the farthest reach of any dance music mix show on the planet, and thus one’s invitation should never be taken lightly.

Tale of Us is one such duo that never treats their music with anything less than solemnity. There’s a near-religious air to their productions and performances — an overarching attention to themes beyond mortality. As you’d expect, their debut Essential Mix explores plenty of transcendental territory. Aside from its spiritual ambition, the mix is most notable for the sheer amount of unreleased tunes that blanket the tracklist (16 by our count).

From brand new Recondite and Woo York on Life & Death, to a plethora of fiery Hotflush tracks from Mind Against, Locked Groove and of course Scuba, the Berlin-based duo use their Essential Mix to show off a handful of the biggest unreleased tracks from the underground.

Listen to the full mix on BBC Radio 1.

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