Tale of Us, Dixon, Dubfire and Recondite remix Plastikman’s ‘EX’Plastikman E Club Mies

Tale of Us, Dixon, Dubfire and Recondite remix Plastikman’s ‘EX’

Richie Hawtin bridged an 11-year gap with 2014’s return of Plastikman and new album EX. Composed in a matter of days, Hawtin achieved something special with the album. Finding himself immersed in a creative flow state, the techno legend produced some of his most interesting material to date.

There’s an alluring strangeness and minimalism to EX that is quintessential Plastikman, yet ultimately, the album was missing the kind of drive to find its way into the club (then again, that was never its intention). Now, however, the LP has been taken to the next level by way of some transcendent remixes.

With material as consecrated as this, the album deserved only the best of today’s techno and deep house artists to rework its originals. Thankfully, Hawtin enlisted some of the most exciting talent of the moment to do EX justice with Tale of Us, Dixon, Dubfire and Recondite on deck.

There’s hardly a name more revered in the underground than Tale of Us at the moment. Combining their remix prowess with Plastikman material seems (and sounds) like something out of a dream.

With his minimal techno and deep house tenacity, Recondite makes for the perfect Plastikman remix candidate; his take on “EXplore” does not disappoint.

Dixon injects his penchant for mysticism into the mix, weaving some grand pads into “EXhale” for a cinematic thrill ride.

Dubfire’s remix is easily the most ambitious of all. Clocking in at a hypnotizing 13 minutes, it’s pure Plastikman bliss mixed with Dubfire’s deft techno touch.

Release Date: January 26

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