Twitch co-founder launches new music discovery platform, The DropThe Drop Feature

Twitch co-founder launches new music discovery platform, The Drop

How many times have you been on Soundcloud and had to sift through the same reposted tracks just to see the day’s newest music? How many times have you wished that your favorite unofficial remix was on Spotify? The streaming music industry is undergoing massive changes with record labels and artists wanting to capitalize on every stream by every user on every platform. As Soundcloud moves towards becoming a solely legal service like Spotify, the undiscovered producers of the Internet and the fans listening to them are looking for the next platform to showcase this aspiring group of musicians.

The Drop could be that site. Developed by Twitch co-founder/executive Justin Kan, The Drop was designed by Kan to put up songs that he loved for free download. After switching to a streaming business model, the site will allow users to stream the day’s most voted upon tracks of which are uploaded by other users. The Drop allows any user to simply throw up the Soundcloud link into the site and let others listen and vote. There are many filter options such as most recent, all-time best, and of course genres.

As Spotify, Soundcloud, and major labels try to close the door on the bedroom producer, The Drop provides a new avenue for producers to showcase their abilities and for fans to discover the next big thing — all in one convenient place. Industry executives have been speculating for some time now as to how the music technology will change, and The Drop has provided a possible service to continue the surge in creativity that continues to grow on Soundcloud. But, only time will tell if this is answer.

H/T: TechCrunch

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