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Undrtone is social media for your music

With the constantly changing landscape of technology and music, startups and apps pop up left and right with everyone trying to cash in on the current social media boom. Scott Vener, the music supervisor of the hit TV show Entourage, has turned his attention to new side project Undertone, changing how people consume music. Previously working at MySpace, Vener has combined his passions for technology and music for his next tech venture.

With a simple layout similar to Instagram, Vener and designer Ben Johnston have been developing the app since working together at MySpace with the goal of easily sharing music with other friends on Undrtone. The two entrepreneurs have taken major streaming services — Rdio, Spotify, SoundCloud and Beats — and allowed users to share their favorite tracks with friends all in one place. With all the music clutter on the internet right now, Undrtone attempts to sift through the white noise and allow users to see what their friends are listening to along with sharing what they’re listening to. Undrtone is available in Apple’s App Store now. 

H/T: Billboard

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