David Guetta – What I Did For Love (VINAI Remix)VINAI Remi

David Guetta – What I Did For Love (VINAI Remix)

When David Guetta‘s Listen dropped at the end of 2014, a gentle track featuring Emile Sande entitled “What I Did For Love” stood out as a change in the star’s sound, and subsequently, a surprisingly smooth and enjoyable production. Ditching the recent wave of big-room oriented sounds coming from the market, David Guetta focused primarily on surrounding the beautiful vocal with a heavy groove littered with progressive house elements.

But what would an emotional vocal and excitingly original tune be without a big-room house remix counterpart? To fulfill these duties, David Guetta called upon VINAI, a powerful Italian duo making waves with their Spinnin’ original releases. The remix falls into the category of the expected, blaring a saturated and compressed sounds where a melody once laid. The overly ambitious big-room track certainly works for its purpose, but fails to capture the same enchanting feeling that the original production provided in its melodic progressive synth work.

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