Warner Music Group joins Snapchat’s new Discover featureSnapchatdiscover

Warner Music Group joins Snapchat’s new Discover feature

Most everyone familiar with the faceless ghost of Snapchat has heard of the app’s latest update which introduces a new, in-app “news” platform called ‘Discover.’ Part advertisement, part news content, Discover lends its easy swipe-to-see system to popular media outlets like CNN, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo!, National Geographic, VICE, Comedy Central and more. Each brand will update their Discover section daily with glossy articles, videos, and news pieces.

Included among the select handful of Discover names is Warner Music Group, who launched off Snapchat’s very first day of Discover with several music videos, including ones from David Guetta, Clean Bandit, and Drake. Though it still remains to be seen what content will unroll with the future use of Discover, fans can expect to be the first to receive updates, directly from WMG to their smartphones.

As described in their announcement, Snapchat entrusts the curation of content to the brands’ internal teams, boldly proclaiming that “We count on editors and artists, not clicks and shares, to determine what’s important.” Furthermore, Snapchat explains that each day will bring new, updated content because “because what’s news today is history tomorrow.”

Via: Billboard

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