Wax Motif – Since I Left You [Free Download]Wa Motif Since I Left You

Wax Motif – Since I Left You [Free Download]

2014 was the year of Brandy remixes. One zillion producers churned out a few zillion remixes of the same three or four songs, which hundreds of bloggers then went on to describe as “sultry” and “lush.” It was an exhausting process, and a star like Brandy deserves far better.

Now it’s 2015, and Wax Motif has just given us one of the first Brandy samples of the year. But this one is different. He recorded the track a year ago during a trying time in his life; he was new to the United States, had just gone through a breakup, and was unsure if he even wanted to keep making music. He locked himself in a friend’s studio one night and created “Since I Left You.” It’s an energizing song with touches of progressive house and indie dance, a far cry from the redundant Brandy nu disco remixes of 2014. You can feel the emotion that he let loose in the studio. It’s a beautiful track, and it’s every bit as moving as the song it samples. This is how you do Brandy’s incomparable voice and timeless lyrics justice.



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