Wilkinson & TC – Hit The Floor (Original Mix)Wilkinson Tc Hit The Floor

Wilkinson & TC – Hit The Floor (Original Mix)

TC and Wilkinson represent two shining examples of where drum & bass has crossed a cultural threshold. The genre doesn’t get too many of those victories, but when they do, you can be sure Andy C and his RAM Records institution are close behind. The six singles and considerable stamina of full-length debut Lazers Not Included has not been forgotten, but in the wake of Wilkinson’s latest softer-touch single “Dirty Love” comes a union alongside a British peer who had the masses moving to the sound long before its on/off with the UK charts had become consistent.

Where Wilkinson comes well versed in the mechanics of a good crossover, TC has held his roots with a more stubborn persuasion. Accordingly, “Hit The Floor” marks a back-to-basics move for the prior, playing into a more familiar and adrenaline-fueled remit of RAMS’ diverse hold on the sound. For all its evolution, drum & bass has a habit of reminding its fans – some of the more loyal in electronic music – that the original fervor is not forgotten. Wilkinson and TC are by no means its longest serving contenders, but spare no prisoners in reminding us that sometimes you can’t beat revisiting the flame that sparked the explosion.

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