Ableton announces 9.2 public betaAbleton Live

Ableton announces 9.2 public beta

Ableton has quickly become a music producer’s weapon of choice. Though DAWs like Logic and FL Studio remain widely popular, it’s hard to compete with the versatility and workflow of Live. While Version 9 brought plenty of significant changes to the platform, there’s always room for improvement.

With today’s announcement of 9.2, Ableton has revealed some exciting updates for its newest iteration. Firstly, 9.2 will feature an enhanced audio warping engine with better downbeat detection and easier auto-warping for fixed tempo tracks (i.e. electronic music). They’ve also improved latency for third party plugins and Max for Live, as well as introduced a new tuner to aid with external instruments and hardware.

Lastly, Live brings exciting changes to the Ableton Push, including the ability to use all 64 pads to sequence drums, as well as new mod wheel control via the touch strip. The update is now in public beta and will be available for free upon official release.

Read up on all the 9.2 updates on Ableton’s website and check out Mad Zach’s 64-pad performance on the Push above.

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