Calvin Harris sets new record on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chartCalvin

Calvin Harris sets new record on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chart

Good things come in threes – at least that’s the case for Calvin Harris. Following his recent groundbreaking news of his newly inked 3-year deal with Hakkasan Group, his latest achievement also arrives in his lucky number three. Since Billboard’s inception of the Dance/Electronic chart in 2013, Calvin Harris has become the first and only to land not two, but three chart toppers on the list at once. All of his Motion hits remain in the top 10, with “Summer” at the 10th slot, “Outside” at No. 7, and “Blame” at No. 3.

It’s no surprise that “Outside” remains a popular tune despite its initial release in November, seeing as it reached a record high number of downloads in mid-January. Outside of the Dance/Electronic chart, Harris’s collaboration with Ellie Goulding has also continued to climb into the top 20 (overall) and higher in the Pop Song category as well.

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