Zeds Dead – In The Beginning (Charlie Darker Remix) [Free Download]Zds Dead In The Beginning Charlie Darker Remi Artwork

Zeds Dead – In The Beginning (Charlie Darker Remix) [Free Download]

Canadian bass veterans, Zeds Dead, have managed to stay as far away from genre conventions as possible while still fine-tuning a sound of their own, marked by an unparalleled grittiness that only DC and Hooks can procure. The pair have dropped a wide variety of music, spanning multiple EPs on multiple record imprints, one of their best releases however, Adrenaline, captures the quintessential Zeds Dead sound perfectly.

The four-track EP is introduced with a dark, grimy bass gem called “In The Beginning,” which is now getting a proper remix by Charlie Darker.

The Kindergarten Recordings phenom takes Zeds Dead’s original dubstep frame and packs the remix down into a dance floor-ready tempo, adding a deafening dose of high-octane electro-house to his remix. Keeping the tunes core elements, Charlie Darker puts together an ear-splitting barrage of aggressive synths and sprinkles in most of the original tune’s highly recognizable sample work throughout his own arrangement.

Darker makes “In The Beginning” into a head-spinning electro weapon, pushing a once down-tempo dubstep classic in a completely new direction.

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