DA Premiere: Congorock & Mindshake – Nok Nok (Original Mix)Congorock Mindshake Nok Nok

DA Premiere: Congorock & Mindshake – Nok Nok (Original Mix)

Congorock is back with a vengeance alongside Mindshake on the bone-rattling “Nok Nok.” Joining forces for a stint on Ultra Records, the duo craft a ferocious electro monster that has all the intensity of Congorock’s early hits. “Nok Nok” throws subtly out the window with a frenetic and malevolent barrage of teeth-grinding synths destined for peak time festival consumption. Massive syncopated kicks and siren-like stabs bring us back to Congorock’s “Ivory” and “Agarta” days — and that’s a great thing.

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