DA Premiere: Wolfgang Gartner ft. Bobby Saint – Unholy (Just A Gent Remix)Image001

DA Premiere: Wolfgang Gartner ft. Bobby Saint – Unholy (Just A Gent Remix)

Wolfgang Gartner‘s electro progressive work has been recognized as some of the finest for years; the industry veteran continues to pump out quality productions without succumbing to the pressures of the mainstream time and time again. Released late last year, “Unholy” features a groovy vocal from Bobby Saint over a euphoric chord progression and smooth beats. With the popularity of the track comes a handful of producers itching to do their own work to the song, with Just A Gent leading the charge with an official remix that gives the track a refreshing facelift. As the established Gartner passes the torch to Australian youngster Just A Gent, a bounce-filled sound emerges with string-based sounds and emotional synth leads. Just A Gent steps away from his famed future-bass infused trap sound for this production, and the result is a successful take at one of last year’s most jubilant tracks.

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