Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter to make cameo in new filmDaft Punk Cr Fashion Book

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter to make cameo in new film

While the French indie film ‘Eden’ brought a cinematic take to two young producers who would eventually form Daft Punk, the movie called upon Vincent Lacoste to portray Thomas Bangalter. However, now a real member of the iconic duo is actually taking to the silver screen. Revealed by the film’s director Quentin Dupieux on Twitter, Thomas Bangalter will make an appearance in his upcoming drama film, ‘Reality.’

Credited as producer of the score to the 2002-film ‘Irréversible,’ the sound effects director for the 2009-film ‘Enter the Void,’ and ‘Tron:Legacy,’ the upcoming cameo is far from Bangalter’s inaugural dive into cinema. In his latest exploration away from music, he will be portraying a character that’s a patient to Dr. Klaus, who’s played by Hollywood veteran Patrick Bristow.

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