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Darude – Sandstorm (Didrick Remix) [Free Download]

Darude‘s monster ’90s hit “Sandstorm” has made its way back into mainstream culture lately; the track has become somewhat of a viral internet joke — an unfortunate fate for a great trance track in its time. Its revival, though, has led budding producer Didrick to approach the track with a new mindset, adding a highly melodic twist to the classic track. Didrick, the newest official member of the PRMD/AT Night Family, has been a name associated with LE7ELS artists for some time, making waves as a supporting performer of Avicii’s Ushuaia party in Ibiza for years and recently remixing Cazzette‘s “Blind Heart.” As the first release since his signing announcement, “Sandstorm” has received a¬†well-produced and enjoyable remix.

Free Download

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