Watch This: Datsik explains how he collaborates on the roadIMG 8885

Watch This: Datsik explains how he collaborates on the road

From an outsider’s perspective, not much thought is given to the process of collaboration. It’s easy to think these artists get together for a quick studio session and produce a masterpiece in a matter of hours. When the realities of touring and creating one’s own music get involved, however, the process can get drawn out for months on end. It’s no secret that the large majority of artist collaborations never see the light of day.

Thankfully, companies like Splice are easing the strain of collaboration with innovative tools like cloud-based storage. Datsik is the latest artist to expound upon the merits of the platform. “It eliminates one process that’s the worst part of collaborating,” he says, referring to the need to bounce audio after every session. He goes on: “I just drag all my projects from home into a folder and now I can open any single one of them on the road and work on them.”

If you’re a music producer and haven’t checked out Splice, you’re missing out on an essential tool for both collaboration and storage. Sign up here.

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