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Electric Daisy Carnival will not be drug testing attendees

Reports have begun surfacing from certain tabloid outlets that Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas will implement random drug testing this year. The reports were nothing more than clickbait to stir the EDM community into a frenzy.

We’ve reached out to Insomniac, and have learned that these reports are 100% inaccurate — the festival will go on without the supposed privacy violations and allow its fans to enjoy the night’s music and entertainment without being scrutinized on a scientific level; a claim that is too outrageous to warrant the attention.

Insomniac’s VP, Communications & Public Affairs Jeniffer Forkish made this statement below to Dancing Astronaut earlier this afternoon;

“This story 100% false. It’s nothing more than an irresponsible and totally inaccurate spoof intended to scare the amazing fans who attend EDC Las Vegas. While there won’t be any random drug testing, we will be giving out plenty of random hugs!” 

Bottom line: Be there (you won’t want to miss it), be safe (f*ck drugs), and enter the festival not feeling like your rights have been violated. You’re the headliner, and Insomniac trusts you’ll headline safely.

See you in June.

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