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Felix Jaehn’s remix of “Cheerleader” crosses the pond

When the dance music community reports about broken records, there is a typical group that receives a majority portion of coverage. Usually, it’s Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Avicii, and a couple others that dominate the articles. But, many rising abroad artists are smashing records and fly straight under the radar. German DJ/producer Felix Jaehn falls into this category with his 2014 remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader.” The tropical tune serves a medley of horn motifs, tiptoe bongo work, and gliding piano trickles that evoke images of shaded palm trees and glistening ocean waves.

Although the track barely saw the light of day on American publications when released, the track charted into the iTunes Top 10 in 18 countries, the Shazam Top 10 in 7 countries, along and broke into the top Spotify streams in 14 countries. The final frontier for Felix Jaehn’s remix is the American fan base, which plays an influential role in the modern dance music landscape. Check the track below and be your own judge of the track’s caliber.

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