Founder of DanceSafe seeking donations for ‘MDMA The Movie’ documentaryMdma The Movie

Founder of DanceSafe seeking donations for ‘MDMA The Movie’ documentary

At the forefront of drug safety awareness within the dance music realm is DanceSafe, a nonprofit organization that relies on a peer-to-peer harm reduction strategy. Founder of DanceSafe, Emanuel Sferios, is looking to expand the message of his organization through a new film and is seeking help in making his dream a reality. MDMA The Movie is set to explain its title’s subject, exploring the “world’s favorite drug” and its history, medical and therapeutic uses, and finally, ways to prevent overdoses and ecstasy-related deaths. Already among the documentary’s cast are Professor David Nutt, the ‘Godfather of Ecstasy’ Alexander Shulgin and wife Ann, as well as frequent users and family members of those who have passed away from MDMA use.

The movie has already completed its first phase, but in order for it to truly take form, Sferios is calling for $100,000 in donations in order to fund further filming in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Ibiza. Watch the trailer below, and find out more or make donations for MDMA The Movie here.

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