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Freedom Fry – Shaky Ground (Danielle Remix)

Sifting through Soundcloud’s database of songs is like sifting for gold in the backcountry. You hear thousands of different tracks from artists around the world, but it isn’t fulfilling until you come across that one track that really resonates with you and leaves your jaw flat on the floor. NYC producer Danielle was that jaw-dropping gold when her remix of Freedom Fry’s “Shaky Ground” surfaced on the Internet today.

Leaving the two-sided vocal dynamic of Freedom Fry untouched, Danielle attempts to defy the boundaries of time and takes listeners to the tropical oasis of summer that we all miss dearly. She delightfully weaves playful guitar strums, sun-soaked synth dribbles, and airy bongo patterns to turn the temperature up in any climate. Very little can be found about Danielle besides a cryptic description in her Soundcloud description: “Fashion meets Music.” Only time will tell what this young producer has in store for the future and what this message means.

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