Glow Headphones illuminate to your heartbeatGlowHeadphones

Glow Headphones illuminate to your heartbeat

Smart headphones may be the next big thing. New earbud brand Glow Headphones use fibrance technology (a glass optical fiber from Corning) and a small heart sensor engulfed in the earbud, allowing the wires to light up to the beat of your heart and music. It’s not all about the aesthetics though; the company teamed up with Knowles, an electronics company that develops audio parts for manufacturers such as Sennheiser to create state-of-the-art sound.

Having already raised well over its $100,000 target, Glow has garnered nearly 2,000 backers on Kickstarter — meaning that the product may arrive as soon as July. The headphone promises to shine for over eight hours on a single charge and will be available in red, green or blue.

The headphones come with a small controller that works in conjunction with your smartphone, full of capabilities like reading text messages to you, sending replies by using your voice, taking photos and accepting calls without having to unlock your phone.

One caveat as of now is that the headphones are only being designed for Android devices. The project hasn’t ruled out the possibility of iOS-friendly headphones in the future, however, should it raise enough money down the road.

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Via: Mashable

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