Just Blaze delivers forgotten Jay Z instrumental, ‘Miracle’Just Blaze

Just Blaze delivers forgotten Jay Z instrumental, ‘Miracle’

Just Blaze has been in this industry for a very long time and as a result, his computer is probably an absolute treasure trove of forthcoming productions and long forgotten, unfinished material with some of the industry’s most revered heavyweights. A few years ago, Blaze connected with Baauer in the studio for “Higher,” which featured vocal clips from none other than Jay Z that had been stowed somewhere in Just Blaze’s archives for years before they saw the light of day. Just Blaze, as you may know, was critical in the production of one of the most iconic rap records of all time, Jay Z’s Black Album, and from their time collaborating together over the years, a few pieces have fallen by the wayside. Thankfully, Just Blaze is sharing one of those gems again today with “Miracle.”

“Miracle,” according to Blaze, bounced around between rap’s most recognizable superstars, however nothing ever happened with it. From Jay Z to J. Cole, with Rick Ross and Chris Brown in between, either the timing was not right or the artist couldn’t do the instrumental justice, and thus now Just Blaze is sharing it for what it is after all this time. The instrumental features beautiful piano riffs that carry through the tune, and thankfully since the piece was preserved in Blaze’s possession for so long, its integrity is safe from sub-par attempts to rap over the track’s pristine progression.

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