KaZantip has been canceled due to ‘indecency’Kazantip Republic Ukraine 1

KaZantip has been canceled due to ‘indecency’

KaZantip has earned its reputation over the years as one of dance music’s more free-spirited festivals. From 21 hours of non-stop music each day to endless, inexpensive drinks to liberal clothing worn by attendees, KaZantip provides an escape from reality for international fans to enter into a world of their own. Although the festival’s lineup boasted acts such as M.A.N.D.Y., Cosmonaut, and many other underground talents, 2015’s edition has hit some serious roadblocks.

KaZantip has undergone many location changes due to political unrest around the Crimean Peninsula over the past two years and faced a second-relocation to Cambodia’s Koh Puos Island for 2015. Local officials were very hesitant to allow the festival’s loosely-regulated nature to impose on the country’s customs and values upon the move. Early this month, Cambodia’s Provinical Governor canceled the festival due to “indecency” seen in previous years but later revoked his statement to let the festival continue.

Today, the country’s police have blocked the bridge to the festival grounds to mark a cancellation in the festival’s commencement. KaZantip has yet to comment on the matter except for an ambiguous message on their homepage stating, “I hope no one doubts that the Republic is able to move in space rapidly and create colonies within a few months.” Further details have yet to surface.

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