Las Vegas lawmakers look to impose entertainment tax on large-scale EDM events and NASCAR

Additional taxes may be impacting the cost of your EDC Las Vegas tickets in 2016 if local officials have anything to say about it.

Nevada Legislature has opened the floor for debate around new tax revenue that Governor Brian Sanloval believes is needed to finance education reform in the state. One such tax would be imposed on vapor cigarette purchases, the other on large-scale live entertainment — namely EDM events and NASCAR.

The live entertainment taxation proposal comes in light of the hundreds of thousands of fans who descend on Las Vegas for the annual Electric Daisy Carnival — all of whom pay no State tax on their tickets.

Those opposing the tax have cited Electric Daisy Carnival’s staggering economic impact as reason enough to not tax its attendees. Last year alone the festival accounted for $158 million injected into the Las Vegas economy, including $20 million in tax revenue. Some Clark County officials defend their right to tax attendees, citing that it is a cut and dry discretionary spending tax and that if you can afford to attend you can afford to pay a little bit more.

“It’s important we look at it as a discretionary spending tax,” Assembly Minority Floor Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick, a Clark County Democrat, told 8NewsNow “If you can afford some of those things, you can typically afford a little bit more to the state so we can provide the services that allow you to do all those things.”

Via: 8NewsNow

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