Mario – Let Me Love You (Tim Gunter Remix) [Free Download]Artworks 000106370465 H6f4qb T

Mario – Let Me Love You (Tim Gunter Remix) [Free Download]

Urban and electronic music are seeing a head-on collision in a way they never have before. While the roots of trap, of course, spring from the inner-city limits of many areas across the US, a resurgence of electro interest in hip-hop and R&B is upon the industry. A leader in the development is Tim Gunter, a young producer out of North Carolina who has quickly surfaced as a major player in the reworking of urban tracks. “Let Me Love You” is a slow reimagining of an original classic by Mario which embraces the track’s initial construction with a hint of a tropical sound tucked beneath impressive drum work. While Tim Gunter’s skills extend well beyond the confines of remixing contemporary urban jams, the artist has certainly found a spot to shine in.

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