Miami Horror – Love Like Mine feat. Cleopold (Original Mix)Miami Horror All Possible Futures

Miami Horror – Love Like Mine feat. Cleopold (Original Mix)

The wait for Miami Horror‘s sophomore album has been long and painful. Their brilliant debut, Illumination, came out nearly five years ago, and the band’s been slowly releasing tracks from their follow-up record since late 2013. But the wait is finally about to end: the album is called All Possible Futures, and it’s only two months away.

The band made the announcement alongside the release of a new single, “Love Like Mine.” This track is funky and bursting with energy, and it’s every bit as fun as fan favorites like “Holidays” and “Sometimes.” If the other fourteen tracks on All Possible Futures are even half as impressive as “Love Like Mine,” it will have been well worth the wait.

All Possible Futures will be out April 21 on Haven Sounds and Dine Alone Records. Pre-order it now and you’ll be able to download four tracks from the album: “Love Like Mine,” “Wild Motion,” “Real Slow,” and “Colours in the Sky.”

Pre-order All Possible Futures: iTunes

Track list:

1. American Dream
2. Real Slow
3. Love Like Mine
4. Cellophane (So Cruel)
5. Wild Motion
6. (Into the Night)
7. Colours in the Sky
8. All It Ever Was
9. (Maybe I Need You)
10. Out of Sight
11. Stranger
12. Who Is Gonna Save Us
13. (Happy Without You)
14. Another Rise, Another Fall
15. Forever Ever


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Miami Horror – Real Slow (Plastic Plates Remix)

Listen to Miami Horror’s new single Real Slow, album coming late 2013

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