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Pandora introduces ‘Artist Messaging’ service to allow artists to speak directly to their fans

The realm of music streaming platforms has rapidly become a game of edging against one another as each new app attempts to roll out the next new industry tool. Following Snapchat’s recent developments including its news-source ‘Discover‘ and dual music playing and recording integration, Pandora looks to introduce yet another marketing opportunity for music industry players.

On Wednesday, the radio streaming app announced their new ‘Artist Messaging’ service that will allow artists to deliver messages exclusively to their listening fans. In a not-so-subtle attempt to combat the marketability of Snapchat for artist users, Pandora will now offer the Artist Messaging service as a way for singers and bands to record short announcements like touring news, new music and crowd-funding projects that will run on playlists related to their music and will trigger on certain pre-selected songs.

Re/code’s Walt Mossberg explained the potential for Pandora’s many tools to create new opportunities for artists and fans alike: “You’re in a band and you decide to stop in Portland tomorrow night to play an impromptu show. Pull out your smartphone, log into your Pandora AMP account, zoom into Portland and check out your audience there. And then record a 15-second audio sample that says… we’re playing in Portland, we hope to see you there.”

Ten artists will be the first to pioneer Pandora’s Artist Messaging service including Lenny Kravitz and Fall Out Boy. At the moment, the service shows no signs of direct profit and is merely being offered as a free tool for musicians on Pandora.

Via: Billboard

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