Porter Robinson fans create the ultimate ‘Worlds’ moviePorter Robinson Worlds 2

Porter Robinson fans create the ultimate ‘Worlds’ movie

Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour was something else. It’s rare for an artist to so wholly commit to a vision and execute with such fluency, but Robinson did just that. Everything from the visual component to the live elements were perfectly on point. Porter managed to translate the poignancy of the album into the live spectrum and attendees were left enamored by the concept. In fact, some fans were so captivated that they have now recreated the entire show via first-hand footage from the tour. The video even goes as far as to recreate the tracklist from the performances, including many of the special Worlds ‘IDs’ and edits. In total, the video pulls from over 50 different attendee’s live footage to create an hour-and-a half spectacle for fans to enjoy.

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