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Seven Lions – Lose Myself ft. Lynn Gunn (Original Mix)

Seven Lions has a unique gift that only a handful of producers share. Every production Jeff Montalvo crafts, he manages to suck listeners into a world of his own and construct an ethereal experience through his signature blend of trance, complextro, and melodic dubstep. After the announcement of his upcoming EP The Throes of Winter, Seven Lions unveils the first single, “Lose Myself,” in which he gives listeners first wind of his next snowy fantasy world.

“Lose Myself” embodies the Seven Lion’s multi-sided artistry. Layering a glittering array of trance melodies to begin, Montalvo constructs a harmonious relationship between Lynn Gunn’s alluring vocals and the uplifting progression to set the track’s frostbitten tone. He then flips our perception of a winter wonderland and shows listener’s the crueler side of the season as he delivers snarling synth stabs matched with its original uplifting introduction.

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